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Margaret Murphy

A.D. Garrett is the pseudonym for prize-winning novelist Margaret Murphy working in consultation with policing and forensics expert, Helen Pepper.

Margaret Murphy has published nine internationally acclaimed psychological thrillers under her own name – both stand-alone and police series. She is Writing Fellow and Reading Round Lector for the Royal Literary Fund, a past Chair of the Crime Writers Association (CWA), and founder of Murder Squad. A CWA Short Story Dagger winner, she has been shortlisted for the First Blood critics’ award for crime fiction as well as the CWA Dagger in the Library. Her lifelong passion for science is reflected in her painstaking research for her novels.

In 2013, writing as A.D. Garrett, Margaret began a new forensic series, featuring Professor Nick Fennimore and DCI Kate Simms. Everyone Lies, which Ann Cleeves rated ‘thriller writing at its best’, was a bestseller, and both Everyone Lies and the sequel, Believe No One, garnered starred reviews from Publishers’ Weekly. Jeffery Deaver commented, ‘A.D. Garrett has done for Manchester what The Wire did for Baltimore. And Simms and Fennimore are complex, compelling, and just plain marvellous.’ Truth Will Out, the third in the series, will be published in November 2016.

Helen Pepper is a Senior Lecturer in Policing at Teesside University. She has been an analyst, Forensic Scientist, Scene of Crime Officer, CSI, and Crime Scene Manager. An author in her own right, Helen has co-authored, as well as contributed to, professional policing texts. Her expertise is in great demand with crime writers: she is a judge for the CWA’s Non-Fiction Dagger award, and is Forensic Consultant on both the Vera and Shetland TV series.

Follow A.D. Garrett on Twitter: @crimin8

Truth Will Out

A mother and daughter are snatched on their drive home from a cinema. The crime has a number of chilling similarities to a cold case Professor Nick Fennimore had been lecturing on. Then Fennimore begins receiving taunting messages – is he being targeted by the kidnapper?

Meanwhile, a photograph emailed from Paris could bring Fennimore closer to discovering the fate of Suzie, his own daughter, now missing for six years. He seeks help from his old friend, DCI Kate Simms, recently returned from the US. But Kate is soon blocked from the investigation... A mother and child’s lives hang in the balance as Fennimore and Simms try to break through police bureaucracy to identify their abductor.

‘Simms and Fennimore are complex, compelling and just plain marvellous.’ Jeffery Deaver

Everyone Lies

DCI Kate Simms is on the fast track to nowhere. Five years ago she helped a colleague when she shouldn't have. She's been clawing her way back from a demotion ever since. Professor Nick Fennimore is a failed genetics student, successful gambler, betting agent, crime scene officer, chemistry graduate, toxicology specialist and one-time scientific advisor to the National Crime Faculty. He is the best there is, but ever since his wife and daughter disappeared he's been working as a forensics lecturer in Scotland.

In Manchester, drug addicts are turning up dead and Simms' superior is only too pleased to hand the problem to her. Then a celebrity dies and the media gets interested. Another overdose victim shows up, but this time the woman has been systematically beaten and all identifying features removed. The evidence doesn't add up; Simms' superiors seem to be obstructing her investigation; and the one person she can't afford to associate with is the one man who can help: Fennimore.

Everyone Lies is now available in hardback and ebook from C&R Crime, and on audiobook from the BBC's AudioGo.

Now You See Me

When Megan Ward goes missing, suspicion falls on the stalker seen outside her house The police would love it to be so simple, but the closer they look, the more mysterious Megan herself becomes. They find no photos, no passport, no family or friends. Only the corrupted computer files in Megan’s strangely impersonal room.

Meanwhile, Patrick Doran, owner of Safe Hands Security living his own nightmare. A hacker has breached his computer network, where he thought he had safely buried his past.

Then her landlady is murdered, and the shadowy Megan re-merges. The woman who doesn’t exist becomes very real, very elusive and very dangerous.

Now You See Me was first published by Hodder & Stoughton in November 2005, ISBN 978-0-340-83420-6
It is now available as an ebook from The Murder Room: Buy Now You See Me from Kobo or from Amazon.

Margaret read from Now You See Me and was interviewed on Legal tv by Raychel Harvey-Jones. That interview has now been uploaded to YouTube, but you don't have to go to that site to see it; here it is:

The Dispossessed

Bled to death and left in a rubbish bin, the teenaged prostitute is just the first victim.

DI Jeff Rickman’s investigation into the Afghan refugee’s sordid death leads first to the heart of a community who can’t - or won’t - talk to him. Then the investigation comes home to Rickman’s own private life. As the body count starts rising he is framed for a crime he didn’t commit. A murderer is trying to make things personal. Very personal. Is he on the trail of a serial killer? Or something even more sinister?

The Dispossessed was first published in November 2004, ISBN 978-0-340-83418-8
It is now available as an ebook from The Murder Room: Buy The Dispossessed from Kobo or from Amazon.

A searing story of Murder, mistrust and revenge for fans of Nicci French and Ruth Rendell.

Weaving Shadows

Three crimes. Two deaths. One chance.

A woman beaten to death while her young child sleeps upstairs. A man shot in cold blood. A crooked cop taking backhanders.

Barrister Clara Pascal thought she was taking on a simple child custody case...

Still traumatised by her own recent experiences as a kidnap victim, Clara works hard to keep the shadows of the past from affecting her friends, family and work. But the dreams don't get any easier and the past won't go away. When a local woman is brutally murdered Clara finds herself thrown back into a crime investigation she wants nothing to do with.

Her client is a convicted killer, one who stalks and photographs young women - so why does Clara believe that he's innocent?

Risking her career, her reputation and her life Clara sets out to prove that the past has no hold on the future while a killer comes ever closer to making her the next victim...

Weaving Shadows was first published in April 2003, ISBN 978-0-8439-5668-9
It is now available as an ebook from The Murder Room: Buy Weaving Shadows from Kobo or from Amazon.

Darkness Falls

Clara Pascal had everything; a high-flying barrister and devoted mother, she was envied and admired by her peers. Now, robbed of everything that gives her life meaning, she lies chained to the stone wall of a dark cellar - without food, without warmth, without sleep, without even the most basic communication - for her kidnapper will not tell her what he wants from her. As the police team frantically knocks on doors, following up wisps of leads, bullying, cajoling, begging witnesses for help, it seems that Clara Pascal has disappeared without trace.

Meanwhile, in her dark prison, Clara begins to suspect why her killer has kept her alive so far.

Darkness Falls was first published in April 2002, ISBN 978-0-8439-5649-8
It is now available as an ebook from The Murder Room: Buy Darkness Falls from Kobo or from Amazon.

Dying Embers

Monday morning. The tension in the air at St Michael's School is palpable, for popular sixth former, Ryan Connelly has gone missing.

When Ryan's badly burned corpse is discovered, the explanation seems all too simple: the young footballer died while experimenting with drugs His teacher, Geri Simpson, cannot accept the official verdict. But as she tries to investigate, she finds her own life is under threat.

Dying Embers is available as an ebook from The Murder Room: you can also order it from Kobo or from Amazon.

Past Reason

Jenny Campbell had promised her husband Fraser that they would take a break from fostering, but the plight of a small boy found wandering the streets of Garston in just his nightclothes proves impossible to ignore. So far, the child has refused to speak, and the police have no clues as to who he is or where he comes from.

Only one fact is clear - something, or someone, has left him terrified...

Past Reason is available as an ebook from The Murder Room: you can also order it from Hive or from Amazon.

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