Martin Edwards

Martin Edwards

Martin Edwards's sixth Lake District Mystery, The Frozen Shroud, is now available as an Allison & Busby paperback, while the same publishers have published Take My Breath Away, a stand-alone novel of psychological suspense, as an ebook. Martin is currently working on the seventh Lake District book, which is provisionally entitled The Dungeon House.

Meanwhile, the new extended editions of the Harry Devlin series, set in Liverpool, are selling well as ebooks, and so is The New Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes, which has a lovely intro by that great Sherlock expert, David Stuart Davies.

He says: "I'm naturally thrilled that my short story Acknowledgments won the inaugural CWA Margery Allingham Short Story Prize in May 2014, and is to be published as an ebook by Bloomsbury Reader. A great honour, and wonderful surprise."

Still on the subject of short stories, Martin has edited Guilty Parties, the Crime Writers' Association's anthology, published by Severn House, and written introductions for the British Library's highly popular reprints of two Golden Age mysteries by John Bude, as well as for two more vintage mysteries due to appear later this year - A Scream in Soho, and Mystery in White.

He am currently working on two anthologies of classic crime stories that the British Library will publish in 2015. Next year will also see the appearance of another CWA anthology, but with a difference - Truly Criminal will collect essays about true crimes famous and obscure by a wonderful range of writers from Britain and overseas.

For up to the minute info, Martin invites you to take a look at his crime fiction blog, which is updated three times a week, and his website,

The Arsenic Labyrinth

Historian Daniel Kind is finding the winter months at Brackdale tough, especially so as his relationship with Miranda is also going through a dark time. Far from the bright lights of London and with the renovations behind schedule and over-budget, Miranda has a bad case of itchy feet. The fear that she may just get up and leave isn’t far from his thoughts.

She wouldn’t be the first: years ago a solitary woman called Emma Beswick left her cottage nearby and never came back. Her disappearance went unaccounted for, and the unresolved case always irked DCI Hannah Scarlett.

Someone knows something though; someone who keeps calling the local newspaper and dropping hints about Emma’s death. With the case reopened, Hannah and Daniel are drawn together again, and discover that one person will preserve the secrets of the past, whatever the cost.

Martin was interviewed on Legal tv by Raychel Harvey-Jones. That interview has now been uploaded to YouTube, but you don't have to go to that site to see it; here it is:

The Arsenic Labyrinth (Allison & Busby, first published: February 2007) ISBN 978-0-7490-8111-9
Buy from Amazon: hardback or large print.

The Cipher Garden

In the peaceful village of Old Sawrey, set in the idyllic Lake District, a murderer strikes. Warren Howe, a husband and father of two, is brutally slaughtered with his own scythe by a mysterious hooded figure. The police manage to identify several suspects, but due to the lack of evidence they fail to make an arrest.

Years later an anonymous tip-off sparks the interest of DCI Hannah Scarlett, who heads the local Cold Case Review Team. With the help of a historian, and his information on the goings on in his unusual garden, Inspector Scarlett delves deeper and deeper in her quest for the truth, discovering old sins that are casting long shadows.

The Cipher Garden (Allison & Busby, first published: October 2005) ISBN 978-0-7490-8286-4
Buy from Amazon: paperback or hardback or large print paperback or audio cassette.

The Coffin Trail

Oxford historian Daniel Kind and his partner Miranda both want to escape to a new life. On impulse they buy a cottage in Brackdale, an idyllic valley in the Lake District. But though they hope to live the dream, the past soon catches up with them.

Tarn Cottage was once home to Barrie Gilpin, suspected of a savage murder. A young woman’s body was found on the Sacrifice Stone, an ancient pagan site up on the fell, but Barrie died before he could be arrested. Daniel has personal reasons for becoming fascinated by the case and for believing in Barrie`s innocence. When the police launch a cold case review, Brackdale’s skeletons begin to rattle and the lives of Daniel and DCI Hannah Scarlett become strangely entwined. Daniel and Hannah each find themselves risking their lives as they search for a ruthless murderer who is prepared to kill again to hide a shocking secret.

The Coffin Trail (Allison & Busby, first published: July 2004) ISBN 978-0-7490-8291-8
Buy from Amazon: paperback or hardback or large print paperback or audio cassette.

Take My Breath Away

Lawyer turned writer Nic Gabriel is intrigued when his friend Dylan Rees starts to tell him a cryptic story about the connections between several strange and sudden deaths. So he can’t resist the opportunity to meet up with his friend and hear some more. But at Dylan’s glitzy party, Nic can only watch in horror as his friend is murdered by the ex-girlfriend who had apparently committed suicide over him five years before. Stunned by the brutal attack, Nic vows to discover the meaning behind his friend’s enigmatic tale.

Meanwhile Roxanne Wake is thrilled to be starting her new job at Creed, the country’s leading human rights law firm. It is a dream opportunity for a young lawyer, but there is something worrying Roxanne and it isn’t just her lack of experience. Roxanne has got a secret, something she dare not tell her new employers – and she is determined to keep her past hidden at all costs.

Take My Breath Away (Allison & Busby, first published: May 2002) ISBN 978-0-7490-0518-4
Buy from Amazon: paperback or hardback or large print.

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